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Post by Canibal on June 18th 2011, 09:12

The differences with 4.5.1 are:

*) Now makes distinction between engine string, file and path options, and accompanies the controls to set them with the proper browse button (or none).
*) Fixes use of Game or Position file in first game of match started from menu.
*) Fixes a bug in nps 0 mode.
*) Fixes two bugs in treatment of FRC castling rights.
*) Fixes bug in reading position diagrams (only used when FEN tag is missing).
*) Fixes some minor bugs in even more obscure variants.
*) Cleans up some warnings in 64-bit compiling.

In the package:
*) Polyglot replaced by latest version (1.4.66b).
*) Now also includes a Russian language file.



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