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How to Beat the French Defence: The Essential Guide to the Tarrasch by Andreas Tzermiadianos

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How to Beat the French Defence: The Essential Guide to the Tarrasch by Andreas Tzermiadianos

Post by Admin on February 19th 2012, 16:17

Dear Friends,

French Defence is considered to be one of Black's most reliable answers
to 1 e4. Indeed, many players have become frustrated in their attempts
to prove an advantage and make headway against Black's ultra-solid

In How to Beat the French Defence, Andreas
Tzermiadianos meets this difficult challenge head on. He advocates his
favourite weapon against the French - the Tarrasch Variation - and
reveals an abundance of opening ideas and novelties, providing the
reader with a complete repertoire which is aimed at posing Black serious
problems. Read this book and fight the French Defence with renewed
confidence and vitality.


"...player who has the
time and energy to study and absorb the lines presented here will at
least be very well prepared to face the popular defence, even if a
slight edge is the most common outcome."
—Sean Marsh
Marsh Towers

very successful book with no great demand to knowledge of english
language. If you have managed to read the cover text you have mastered
the greatest barrier at all.
—Fernschach im Deutschen Fernschachbund (BdF)
Tzermiadianos offers you in this book an unbelievable piece of hard work on the French Tarrasch!"
—john Elburg

course there is no straight way to beat the French but in the book by
Tzermidianos the player with white can find many possibilities to punish
every weak deviation of the theory by black."
—Bab en Truus Wilders

of the author's care in presenting lots of prose explanation of key
positions and ideas How to Beat the French Defense is quite readable
despite its size and can be recommended to players of a variety of
strengths from 2000 to FIDE titled players. All those who play the
French seriously will want this book."
—John Donaldson

I find unique, and very helpful in this book is the inclusion of
separate chapters for typical middlegames and endgames. This is the type
of information that generates understanding and understanding aids
memorization. Even if you don’t memorize the lines, if you review these
chapters, you will better comprehend your objectives."
—Harvey Lerman
Florida Chess

great openings book with long range consequences for devotees of the
French Defence. It will make 3 Nd2 the main line once again!"

this book on the often less than exciting Tarrasch Variation revives
interest and creates new opportunities for players of the white pieces.
The strategic explanations alone are worth the price of the book and the
analysis hits the mark for players of all levels. I welcome more
publications from Tzermiadianos as he has the ability to bring together
strategic understanding and tactical depth in the presentation of
opening study. (Highly Recommended)"
—Lou Merceri
Chess Horizons
"I can recommend this expert guide to the Tarrasch variation, despite some minor weaknesses."
—Rochade Europa

Here is the link :

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Warm regards,


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