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ARASAN Version 13.0

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ARASAN Version 13.0

Post by Canibal on August 18th 2011, 23:27

Changes in Arasan 13.0:
1) History pruning and see pruning are implemented.
2) Fixes to history code.
3) Code cleanup and parameter tweaking in evaluation, especially to
isolated pawns, pawn center scores, passed pawns, mobility, king safety.
4) Fixed bug in adjacent passer code.
5) Potential passer code is more accurate.
6) Material scoring changes: queen value is higher, re-introduced some
special case adjustments for bad trades.
7) Check extensions have been reduced to 3/4 ply.
Cool Hash table code cleanup & bug fixes.
9) Intel C++ supported under Windows.
10) GUI edit menu allows paste of PGN and FEN from the clipboard into the GUI.
11) fix GUI memory leak.
12) By default, Arasan will play a somewhat wider variety of openings (the book selectivity option can be used to change this).



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