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Please Follow Forum Rules

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Please Follow Forum Rules Empty Please Follow Forum Rules

Post by Admin on June 17th 2011, 10:37

Terminator forum rules!

First of all, and all are welcome to make an optimum use of Terminator forum!

I hereby notify that the forum rules are in effect Terminator in order to improve the quality of posted messages and behavior as a whole.

From this date 21/Maio/2011 all Forum members Terminator should suit them!

01) Before you start posting messages in forums Terminator use the search button, to see if your question has not been posted. If you find and read the whole thread if your question still persists on the same topic comment in this way to avoid repeated topics.

02) If you are new to forums Terminator, before you start posting try to understand how the Forum works Terminator. Read the Forum Terminator and be aware that each session has a different subject. Avoid posting threads in improper places as they may be locked, moved or even deleted without any notice.

03) Hitting with CAPS LOCK turned on should be practiced with caution, because the written language would be to Berri.

04) The use of profanity or insults or any kind of incitement against any member of the Forum Terminator, even if made by PM (Private Message). Any action of an aggressive and disrespectful behavior will be moderated according to the severity, and patients may be banned from the board. Never miss the forum members with respect, even if it was caused by him or scorned, in this case, send a PM (Private Message) to the Administrator, Co-Administrator or Moderator Forum Terminator.

05) It is forbidden to posts of useless threads (topics without providing valid information), Floods and repeated posts on the forums (Wait 24 hours to post again on the topic). If you open a topic and it is deleted or locked, the user should not open another next. Any such post will be subject to moderation.

06) is to forbid postings of pornographic material or any link or executable that brings hidden viruses, keyloggers or something. Information that might harm any member or any person that is also prohibited. Users who post will be subject to moderation and may be banned immediately confirmed if such an action.

07) At the opening of a new topic is clear and conforms to the issue posted. In the subject line you must put a short introduction to the related matter. Threads with irrelevant information in the subject have their posts locked or deleted without notice.

08) It is forbidden to send questions to the Administrator, Co-Admin and Moderators Forum Terminator through PM (Private Message), they will be ignored. Any questions should be posted in the appropriate area of ​​the forum. Be patient and wait for a member of the Forum Terminator answer your question, if it has not already been posted.

09) The Member of the Forum Terminator that is expelled must have a minimum of 02 months without accessing the forum. It is forbidden that the same sign again after the expulsion. The moderators will be alert to this.

10) It is prohibited to use the space Terminator Forum to make any sales or advertising. It is forbidden to advertise with the signatures. Any topic and / or signature of that nature without the consent of the Trustee will be deleted immediately without notice. It is also forbidden postings material Carder / Banker, this kind of material will be deleted and the user warned and may even be banned from this forum.

11) Any claim / complaint relating to a user and / or a topic that is outside the rules of the forum, the complaint must be made via a PM (Private Message) to the Administrator, Co-Administrator or Moderator Forum Terminator.

12) The use of an avatar is allowed as long as does not exceed the dimensions: The width can not exceed 150 pixels, height does not exceed 200 pixels and file size can not exceed 64 KB.

13) Any type of information that is not of his own must always put the source of the information thus avoiding plagiarism and moderation of the same.

14) Any content posted by forum user will be in the forum, even if the user is banned.

15) Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for noncompliance, then the claim is unjustified ignorance!

16) this is not addressed in these rules will be reviewed by the Management Board which will take defensive measures to Forum Terminator.

17) The rules may be modified or added new ones, at any time by the board administrator Terminator, without notice, check back often!



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