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Deuterium v11.01.28.159 : engine

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Deuterium v11.01.28.159 : engine

Post by Terminator-I on June 12th 2011, 18:02

Dear Friends,

Deuterium modifications :
1. Fixed minor bugs in null move pruning conditions.
2. Fixed minor bug in null move pruning verification search.
3. Improve SEE x-rays.
4. Added LMR in root search.
5. Added LMR on capture moves.
6. Added aggressive depth reduction in LMR for non-capture moves.
7. Added IID on non-pv nodes.
8. Modify IID on pv nodes.
9. Implemented searching hash move first before generating other moves.
10. Added Time_Increment_Factor option in deuterium.ini file to reduce increments
in seconds when used in cutechess-cli interface playing against uci engines.
11. Improve move ordering for generate_evasion routine.
12. Improve code readability.

Link :http://hotfile.com/dl/113700672/6fab48c/Deuteriumv11.

Warm Regards,
surprise Deuterium ver. v11.01.28.159

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