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elaborate method: creating a new opening book : courtsy (http://www.chessbase.com/)

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elaborate method: creating a new opening book : courtsy (http://www.chessbase.com/)

Post by Terminator-I on June 6th 2011, 23:58

The first step is to create a new (empty) opening book. In the main chessboard screen, go to the File menu and select "New", then "Openings book" from the submenu. This will display the standard Windows file select dialogue. Choose the folder in which you want the new book to be created (if you installed Fritz to the default folders, the default folder for a new opening book will be C:\My Documents\ChessBase\Books). You'll see *.ctg displayed in the "File name" field; you'll obviously want to change the asterisk to something more relevant and identifiable. For the examples in this article, I'll be creating a new book on the Ruy Lopez Steinitz Variation (which is wildly popular with online correspondence players for some weird reason). The ECO code for the Steinitz is C62, so I'll name the opening book C62.ctg.

Go to the Notation pane and click on the "Openings book" tab. Under the picture of a tree you'll see your filename displayed. You'll also see no moves in the tree (because we haven't added any yet -- that'll be our next step).

Open the database (game list) window (you can do this by clicking the button for it on the Toolbar, hitting F12 on your keyboard, or going to File/Open/Database). Your next step is to create a new database to hold the games that you want to transfer to the opening book. Go to File/New/Database and create a new database in a folder of your choice (the default is C:\My Documents\ChessBase\Database\Work). The default filename is New Database.cbh -- again, change "New database" to something more relevant. In my case, I created a new database called C62.cbh.

Go to the pulldown menu in the upper right of your screen. This menu is a list of the databases you've recently used. Select the database you want to perform a game search upon by clicking on it in this list (this will typically be your largest database); you'll see the list of games for that database appear. Find the games of the opening you want (by using the opening keys, doing a board position search for the defining position of the opening, or doing a straight ECO code search of the game headers). In my case, I do a header search for ECO code C62 by going to the Edit menu, selecting "Filter games", typing "C62" (without the quotes) in both "ECO" fields, placing a check in the "Game data" box, and clicking "OK". After a few moments, I'll see nothing but Steinitz Defense games displayed in the game list.

Next go to the Edit menu and click on "Select all". You'll see all of the games in the list become highlighted. Return to the Edit menu and select "Copy". After you do this, it will look like nothing happened. But what's just occurred is that you've told Fritz that you want to copy all of the highlighted games into another database.

Then return to the pulldown menu at the upper right of your screen and select the new database you created earlier. Instead of a list of games, you'll see the notation "No games found" appear in the main section of the screen -- this is because you haven't yet copied the games into it. To copy the games that you selected in the previous step, go to the Edit menu and select "Paste". You'll see a dialogue asking you to confirm the copy process; click "Yes" and the games will be copied into your new database. This will take a few moments -- the more games you're copying, the longer it will take (of course).

So we see that copying games in Fritz7 follows these steps:

Highlighting the games you want to copy;
Selecting "Copy" from the Edit menu (to identify these games to the program as the ones you want to copy);
Opening the "target" database (the one into which you want the games to be copied);
Selecting "Paste" from the Edit menu (to physically copy these games into the target database).

To merge these games into an opening book, first return to the main chessboard screen (click on the blue arrow button in the Toolbar to do this). Go to the Edit menu, select "Openings book", and then select the command "Import games" from the submenu. You'll get a dialogue that lets you identify the database that you want to import into the opening book; go to the folder you created it in and double-click on the database's name (in my case, I choose the C62.cbh database).

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